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Hello! Welcome to my website! I'm so excited that you are taking the time to review my work and potentially consider me to be your photographer.

Don't know me? I am a bubbly gal who always talks with her hands. I love making people laugh and feel comfortable. I love cheese -- yes, so much so that it deserves it's own sentence. 


I am the biggest fan of shooting through the moment. I think the best way to capture the true essence of a couples' love is to capture a couple just after a pose or the look that's given when you think I'm not looking! Also a kiss in the sunset is always an A+ image in my book.

If you are looking for a photographer, I'm your gal! All you need to do is reach out through my contact page to inquire about availability and pricing!

Shout out to my friend, Paul Flessland, for the shot of me and my puppy, Sadie!


Aubrey Kvasnicka

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